Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ramping things up - writing, marketing, and more!

Hello! Welcome back! So, today I'm going to knock out 2k more words of my Apollo novel (name unknown). I've also, over the last few days, worked on improving my website (will be up soon, I'll let you know!) and built a media kit for publicity purposes. When my professional photos come in, I'll be starting my YouTube channel with Q&A and random discussions about my work, writing, etc. Also, my review blog is doing well - Behind the Curtain of Reality has gotten to look at some really good stuff lately...and some stuff that needs a bit of work. If you have an urban/paranormal novel you want checked out, let me know at More! I'm now working with Epitome Press ( to publish my work. They're a small, indie publisher that focuses on urban fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi, and women's issues, as well as some children's work. Check them out when you get to it! Thanks for reading! I hope to be back soon!