Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Progress Report - Bonds of Fate

The second installment in the Samuel Buckland Chronicles, Bonds of Fate, is coming along swimmingly!

I just passed 25k in wordcount; that is up almost 2000 from when I started today.  I'm focusing on getting this written a lot more than I had been; there was a big lull where I didn't get much at all on the paper because of lack of time.

Also!  We're moving to Hawaii!  I need to learn Hawaiian, and find a day job...unless my writing breaks out, of course, and I get hugely successful overnight.



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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

And Chains of Prophecy is up as well!

The paperback version of Chains of Prophecy is now up!  This novel has been getting great reviews (from the people I can get to review it, ;).  It is currently 4.8/5 on Amazon!  Check it out if you'd like to read a new, exciting paranormal fantasy!

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Drifter is available in print!

I have produced, via CreateSpace, a print version of The Drifter and it is available NOW!

At CreateSpace's e-store:

At Amazon:

Huzzah!  This is awesome!  As much as I like e-books, there's something about holding the book itself, the cover, the paper.  If you've been holding off for the written it is!

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Twitter lists!

So I'm working on building twitter lists now so I can see tweets from the people I most care about and RT them more often.  I feel like I've been remiss on my RTing and, if you're one of my tweeps, I apologize for that.

This is very difficult, though' I think I'll need to read some online tutorials on how best to set up these lists.  I've only put people into one list so far, but it's really cool to see just their tweets and respond easily to them!

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Writing - Art, Craft, or both?

I had an interesting (and brief) discussion with another author after we both wrote a review of someone's work.  Both of us agreed that the novel we had read had serious flaws, although he was more optimistic on those flaws than I was (to an extent). 

This discussion hinged on the idea that some authors, considering writing to be an "art," do not think that there is a "right" or "wrong" way to do something - after all, if I'm painting, then I can paint whatever I damn well feel like and if people don't like it, that's their problem.  Similarly, an author can consider their work to be "theirs" and then, if people don't appreciate it, so be it.  When it looks the way I want it to look, then it's ready.

The other viewpoint, though, is that writing is more of a "craft."  In a craft, you are producing a product for the consumption of others, and if that product is not useful to them, you have failed in your goal.  Stephen King considers writing a craft, as stated in his book On Writing.  In this view, if an author's work is not appreciated, not accepted, not LIKED by at least a good portion of his/her target audience (whatever that target may be), then the work is NOT READY and needs to be refined.

I admit freely that I am a "pantser," which, if you aren't aware, is an author who doesn't plot, doesn 't plan, and just follows the characters around and writes down what is going on.  Still, when I go back over the work, I take into account the views of my beta readers and consider whether or not this phrase would work for other people, or that description is enough to evoke the image in another's mind.  This is not easy, not easy at all, but I have to remember that the story already exists in MY head - other people might not (won't, definitely won't) see it the exact same way.

What do you think?  Is writing an art, or a craft?

I'd love to hear from you!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Crossing 20k words on Bonds of Fate!

So I made it past a landmark today - 20000 words written on the next Sam Buckland novel, currently titled Bonds of Fate.

This novel is a lot of fun to write, because I get to explore deeper into Sam's world; if genies, demons, and angels exist, what else is there?  What else could interact with him, challenge him?  I'm learning a lot about Jewish Kabbalah and other stories, and it's very, very cool!

Remember:  If you want to talk to me about my writing or whatnot, you can email me at

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Price cut!

I've dropped the price on Chains of Prophecy to 2.99, and The Drifter is also going for 2.99.  You can find my novels on Smashwords here or Amazon here and here.  Give them a try!  Download the samples!  Take a chance!

I'm on a blog! I'm on a blog! Wow!

Visit Kristin McFarland's blog to view interviews by myself and other authors!  Get a little insight into what makes us crazy people tick.


Remember, folks - if you have more than one blog, make sure you switch between them before posting material appropriate to the other blog.


The book review I deleted here is available at  Sorry for the confusion.

New Cover, Proof Copies!

Good morning!

First off - Chains of Prophecy has a new cover!  I finally figured out how to use those cover creator programs and I made it look a LOOOOOOOOTTT better.  Check it out and tell me what you think!

Chains of Prophecy

Also, I have ordered proof copies for both Chains of Prophecy and the Drifter!  It's exciting to see actual copies of books, like, in my hand and stuff.  <.< >.>  I'll let you know when I've approved the proofs and they're available for sale!

I'm trying very hard to get reviews for Chains of Prophecy as well.  I've gotten 4 really well written ones up on Amazon, but it hasn't catalyzed any sales yet. more work to do!

I'll see you all around!  Keep reading, keep writing, keep loving life!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

OMG! Reviews are posting!!

So, the people who have promised to review Chains of Prophecy are coming through in spades!  Several reviews have already made it to Goodreads or Amazon.  If you've been wondering about if this book is for you, here are the links to those reviews to help you decide!

5/5 on Amazon:

Another 5/5 on Amazon:

4/5 on Goodreads:

And more on the way!  Reception of this novel has been great so far!

Try it out!

Friday, July 5, 2013

CreateSpace for the win!

I just submitted both of my novels, Chains of Prophecy and The Drifter, to CreateSpace so I can have print versions of them made.  This is going to be awesome!  I'll let you know when they're available, in case you prefer hard copies to e-books!

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

And...the Drifter is live on Smashwords!

Ladies and gentlemen!  My second novel is now live on Smashwords!  You can find it at  I have also submitted to Amazon, so we'll be seeing it there soon as well!

The Drifter - coming soon!

Guess what!

The first novel I wrote (it needed some extra work) is about ready to be published!  Titled The Drifter, it is a story about an amnesiac vagrant in New York who discovers that he is actually a member of a very select group of supernatural beings that each have power over some facet of existence - Death, the Forge, Communication, etc. - and he has to deal with the implications of that as both allies and enemies from his former existence come calling.


Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards Submission

Good morning, everyone!

I am submitting Chains of Prophecy to the Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards today!  You can check out the award here .  This is a great chance for me to get some more reviews and, maybe, win some exposure!  Wish me luck!