Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Your Book as a Movie!

This post came up on a thread on Goodreads, The idea was, if you could have anyone turn your book into a movie, anyone screenwrite it, and anyone star, but you would have no creative input afterwards, who would you use?

Here's my list for my novel The Drifter. 

Director: James Cameron. I loved the visuals he was able to put together for Avatar, and the movie in general. The characters were interesting and worked in epic environments, which is exactly what I would want.

Screenwriter: Aaron Fors. He's an actor and screenwriter I know who has read my book and understands what I'm going for. I have faith he would make a faithful rendition while altering what needs to be altered for screen.

Characters: The main 3 are going to be the actors/models that we got for the book cover. I've met them all and they're amazing people. The other two I haven't met, but they fit my image of the character perfectly.
The Drifter/Oreth: Nathan Vellappally. 
Liara: Tayla Holborow
Edison: Iker Amaya
Eriana: Jenna Duran Tatum
Azrael: Omar Epps
Rob: Meat Loaf 

What about you? If you're a writer, who would you use? If you're a reader, who would you pick for some of the parts of your favorite book? Post your ideas in the comments!

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