Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Expanding Social Media Presence

So social media for writers has been described as "icing" or "gravy" compared to their writing.  I agree with this.  Writing is, of course, the most paramount skill for writers, much like surgical skills for surgeons or driving skills for race car drivers.  However, as someone who enjoys meat and potatoes and cake, I can tell you one thing:

I like my meat and potatoes with gravy, and I like my cake with icing.  Thank you very much.

To that end, I have undertaken a major expansion in my social media presence.  In the last 40 minutes, I have expanded my Twitter following by over 40% and made contact with other writers on their blogs.  This will be an ongoing effort and I will do my best to keep you all posted. 

In case you want to join the Crawford revolution, you can follow me on Twitter at @jnewmanwriting, and/or my facebook account at Jason Crawford.

Thanks for coming!


  1. You provided my first blog comment on http://MyUmbrellaProject.blogspot.com so in appreciation I'll throw one back at ya.

    This journey is exciting, fun, lonely, and debilitating all at the same time. Let's keep each other encouraged and focused on our goals.

    Good Luck! Keep that journey moving toward fun.

    C.L. Blanton

  2. Hi, Jason. It's great that you're expanding your network by being more active in social media, but do keep in mind that the quality of people you attempt to connect with on various platforms is much more important than quantity. Increasing your following count means very little if you share few common interests or if the content of your posts are unable to capture an audience. That being said, I do wish you the best of luck, and hope that your strategy will work for you.