Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fighting the battle, waging the war

So, here's the progress I've made so far:

I've submitted Chains of Prophecy to a few agents; I already got one rejection (hooray?).

I've finished my edit of The Ragged Man, and am changing the title to The Drifter as the first title was already taken by a best-selling novel.

I received back a critique of my query letter from a Writer's Digest Webinar; these things are awesome, and you get to keep the materials afterward.  I highly recommend that, if a webinar applies, you do it!  I'll be working on correcting my Drifter query letter today and finding new agents to submit it to.

I wrote a three-line pitch, or "elevator pitch" for Chains of Prophecy and used that to submit it into a pitch contest.   I like my chances with that three liner, and I'll post it here and on my website later.

I've gotten back into my third novel, and, once again, the events are surprising me.  I did not expect for the writing to take quite as dark of a turn as it has.  I like it :)

My Twittering is working - I'm over 470 followers in about a week of work, so that's pretty good.  Special thanks to all of you who may be reading this.  I appreciate the support!

I...think that's about everything.  I plan to be updating my website soon so check that out at, and thanks for visiting!

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