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Facepalm Friday - 5/15/15

Welcome to Facepalm Friday!

On Facepalm Friday, I list a few things that I think are just...dumb. Wrong. Stupid. I discuss them and then rate them by the number of facepalms. For my images, I decided to pull the everpresent Star Trek facepalm memes, starting with Picard and going up all the way to Batman. I did not, in any way, create these images.


Earlier this month, a woman filed a federal lawsuit in Omaha against all homosexuals on behalf of the Lord. She wrote a handwritten petition to the court, explaining her reasoning and how all gays obviously know that what they're doing is sinful; else, why would they hide? On May 6th, the lawsuit was dismissed by the Federal judge, who said, "A federal court is not a forum for debate on theological matters." (source: Omaha World-Herald)

What the heck? I just...I don't know. I sat openmouthed at my computer, then laughed for several minutes when I saw this article. I understand that people are raised differently, and that many, especially in the older generation (this woman was 66, I believe), have a difficult time accepting that homosexuality is a scientific fact and has its roots in biology, not choice. (Source: Nature World News, among others). That's fine, and I don't ridicule people for that. I prefer to educate.

But a lawsuit, on God's behalf, against ALL OF THEM? How is that even practical? Who would represent them? Who would represent God? I don't understand what she actually hoped to accomplish by this, except making herself look like a fool. Does anyone know? How could this possibly have advanced her cause, even if the culture were different. What would she have been awarded?

I don't know. Because I understand where this comes from but not how it makes any sense, in any universe, ever, I award this action...the DOUBLE FACEPALM!



So, in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) and Bruce Banner (The Incredible Hulk) have begun, tentatively, a romantic relationship. Mr. Whedon came under fire for this, people claiming that the relationship demeaned the Black Widow character and made her dependent on a man. A lot of it was really venomous and vitriolic, especially when you consider that the man has made a career out of giving women strong characters to believe in.


Okay. Full disclosure: I'm a white male. I freely admit that I have benefited from privilege my entire life, and that there's probably still a lot of it I don't see. That being said...

Is falling in love with someone really anti-feminist? Is that sexist?

The relationship doesn't have that "obsessive" quality that, say, Twilight's does. Natasha doesn't go running after him when he leaves, or spend time wishing he were there. When Bruce is too overwhelmed and says they should run away together, she hurls him into a pit to turn him into the Hulk so he can fight the bad guy.

How is this a weak woman?

She cares for him. That's obvious. But she doesn't lose any of the qualities that make her independent, or powerful. She's as surprised as anyone by their connection, but that's what it is: a connection born out of close association, working together, and familiarization. Not love at first sight. Not childish things. There was no stereotyping or pandering or demeaning in the entire relationship.

That's my perspective, and the perspective of Mr. Whedon, and many other people. I understand the gut reaction of a strong female character having "soft" moments, but I reject the idea that that means sexism. Therefore, I give this accusation...THE FACEPALM!



Okay, bear with me. This'll take a minute.

Since March, Heather Hironimus and her son, Chase, have been on the run from the authorities. When Chase was born, Heather and the boy's father, Dennis Nebus, signed a parenting agreement that called for the boy's circumcision. It never happened.

Now he's four and a half years old, and the father wants it done. In the intervening time, Heather researched the issue and decided that she no longer wanted her son to have the procedure.

Dennis took her to court.

The judge found in his favor and ordered Heather to have the procedure done. She refused and ran off with Chase. An arrest warrant was issued for her, and she's been in hiding in a domestic shelter for two months. This past week, the police brought her in.

She has filed a federal suit against Dennis and the judge who issued the order. Thanks to an emergency motion filed by her attorney, the federal courts are going to make a decision on all issues on Monday.

Chase doesn't want the procedure. Doctors have testified that there is no medically compelling reason for him to have it, so it amounts to cosmetic surgery at best.

And now Heather is in prison.


So I think circumcision is stupid. It has no basis in medical scientific fact except in VERY specific cases, and RIC (routine infant circumcision) is only practiced en-masse by the United States and certain African countries where we're doing it in order to help stop the spread of HIV, at least without a religious reason.

By the way, it doesn't do that very well, and condoms do it better. In fact, the recommendations are that, even if you're circumcised, you need to wear a why have it cut off?

(Reasons that an intact foreskin is better than being circumcised: Doctors Opposing Circumcision)

But that doesn't even matter. What matters is that this is a medically non-necessary surgery that is being forced upon a child old enough to vocalize his choice. He's saying No! Don't cut parts of me off! And his father, and the judge, are refusing to listen. What does that mean for him later? How will he trust his father ever again?

What kind of society are we living in where we won't even listen to children as regards their own bodies? What are we teaching those same children?

Is it any wonder that grown men see women as objects, if they, as children, were treated as such? How can they learn bodily respect and integrity if it's not shown to them?

This is a travesty. This is wrong. I hope that the federal judge sees how horrific this would be and denies it, freeing Heather and protecting Chase. I hope that basic humanity wins out over cultural indoctrination and stupidity.

I am forced to give this development the BATMAN FACEPALM. If you agree and want to help Heather afford her legal fees, go here: and donate. It's tax-deductible. Thank you.

Do you have anything you've heard worthy of Facepalm Friday? Let me know at or in the comments.

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