Saturday, May 16, 2015

Shoutout Saturday!

Welcome to ShoutOut Saturday! Today, I feature three or four fellow independent authors that I've enjoyed recently. Being an independent author myself, I know how hard it can be to get traction. There's a natural, understandable reticence to try out indie authors. After all, lots of the work that's being put out is...well, let's just say it isn't of the highest quality.

These guys, though, are worth it. Submitted for your approval:

Death Defiant by Paige Reiring is a stellar example of how wordcraft can stay with the reader for days after finishing the book. Her cast of characters is incredibly realistic (for half-demons and angels and other things, anyway) with realistic motivations and understandable reactions to the world around them. Her plotline is tight, consistent, and a thrill to read, and the editing in this book is outstanding. I was wrapped up in the text, turning my ebook pages as fast as I could get through them. I didn't want to put it down until I got through...and, after I was done, I found my thoughts returning to the events. How are things going to turn out?

And there's a terrible, terrible scene in this book. It's horrific, and vicious, and emotional. It made me sick to read it, and my gorge turned every time I reimagined it...which was often. And this is another testament to Paige's writing skill and strength. She put me there, in this mad horror, and I couldn't get out until she let me go.

You can find Paige's book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and in ebook format: Death Defiant (Volume 1).


No Reflection by Spencer Rhys Hughes is a terrifying foray into what would happen if a woman were introduced to a supernatural world that she had no idea existed beforehand. Completely normal at the beginning, she is exposed to a horrific sight that triggers her introduction into a world of madness.

Actually, this book reminds me of White Wolf's the World of Darkness RPG.

Anyway, Spencer spins his tale with aplomb. The creepiness factor is ratched up to eleven as we move through the text, leading the reader to see shadows behind every corner. If you're a fan of supernatural horror (Stephen King, for one) then you'll really enjoy this book. The characters are interesting, although I'm really anxious to learn more about them as the series goes on.

You can get Spencer's book here: No Reflection (The Furies) (Volume 1) .

That's all for this week! I know it's only two, but I've been a little behind on my reading :) I really encourage you to check these books out. There're a lot of great things out there that are flying under the radar. 

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