Monday, May 18, 2015

Me, Myself...and Monday! 5/18/15

Welcome to Me, Myself, and Monday! I take this day out of the week to talk about what I'm doing, whether it be in my writing career, my family life, teaching, gaming, or whatever else it is that tickles my fancy to talk about.

So, without further we go!

Elpis: My Serial Science Fiction Novel

Elpis is a science fiction novel about space colonization across the galaxy. Set in a relatively distant future, humanity has located a new planet, much like Earth, on which to pin their last hopes, and named it after the last ray of light left in Pandora's box: Elpis.

I started work on Elpis, planning to make it into a huge, epic, multi-book project in the future. However, if you've been following my book lists, you know that I've already got four series going right now and I don't really need to add another to the mix. Elpis seemed doomed to the back burner, waiting until I had cleared my plate enough to take a look at it.

Then my wife (editor, publisher, etc) said that I should start putting out content for readers regularly, like teasers or short stories. I thought about it and remembered Wattpad, which I had used a couple of times to publish stories and the first few chapters of Bonds of Fate. Then Elpis reasserted itself in my mind (I had about 5000 words written in it at the time) and I said, "Hey. What if I publish one page of this book every day? That would be interesting."

I'm certainly not claiming that this is a totally unique idea. But it's interesting to me; what readers are getting is, essentially, the first draft of the book, written every day (almost; I do miss occasionally and I take one weekend day off every week) just for them. I've gotten good feedback on it so far, with lots of "likes" and a couple of good comments. I don't know how many people are reading it, yet, but I'm enjoying writing it. After it's done, I'll edit it and make it available in paperback version and as a single download (free). In the meantime, you can find it at: If you have any feedback, positive or negative, please let me know. I'm always anxious to hear from readers!

That's it for this week. Tomorrow is Technique Tuesday, where I talk about my writing process and my take on different styles and techniques. Thanks for stopping by!


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